Entitled Still, it acts as an exploration of Jessica’s work through the static display of archive and current works, alongside a series of workshops. Church Street, Marylebone plays host to the experience, which was born out of a long running conversation between Jessica and Professor Carol Tulloch (writer and curator at the Chelsea College of Arts) who will curate the exhibition. The space is designed by Professor Judith Clark (London based curator) who collaborated closely with Jessica.

A large theme running through all of Jessica’s work is story telling. In the same way, the exhibition acts as an autobiographical study through the selection and display of pivotal work. Alongside these Jessica will hold workshops, which in themselves will provide insight and inspiration into her unique practice. Workshops involve free hemming and customization amongst others. Three workshops will be led by Ogden and places are limited. To RSVP contact a.viner@chelsea.arts.ac.uk